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Resources : Music in the Home

Our resources page contains a wide range of interactive music education videos which are presented by deaf music leaders and role models. These videos are not only exclusively aimed at deaf children and young people.

Anyone who has an interest in making music in their own homes can join in too! We cover various topics including rhythm, pitch, tempo and use different styles of music. We use musical instruments, ipads and household items which you can make music with in the home. All our videos cover a wide age range from Early years up to the age of 18. Please use the drop down menu to select your preferred age group. We do hope these videos provide hours of fun making music in the home!

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Banana Song
This song introduces examples of different types of fruit and includes body percussion. Try and keep the beat steady as this will help your child to develop a sense of pulse. You could reinvent this song by replacing the fruit theme with a different one such transport, weather and animals.
Spider Song
This song is very popular and entertaining! It is also a good way to introduce different parts of the body and to help your child develop a sense of pulse.
Starting and Stopping
This video includes a range of activities which help your child to develop a sense of teamwork by playing with others at appropriate times and to understand that during music-making, silence is just as important as sound! Please make sure that your child is watching attentively before you give gestures for starting and stopping. And also make sure that there is complete silence during the stop times by keeping as still as possible.
This is an excellent way to introduce two different volumes of sounds - loud and quiet. It is also a good way to help your child recognise sequences and compose their own. Please note that you can download and print out the elephant and mouse flashcards below.
Singing Warm Up
Here is a singing warm up which can be used prior to any singing activity. You could also use this an icebreaker at the beginning of a music lesson or workshop.
Breathing Exercises
Here is an exercise which helps you to control your breathing and helps you to relax. It is also a useful way to count in time with a steady beat.
Signed Song: 'Count on Me' by Bruno Mars
Join in with Sean Chandler signing 'Count on Me' by Bruno Mars.
An Introduction to Beatboxing
Here are some vocal techniques which you could try out to make interesting drum sounds and rhythms!
Vocal Warm Up
A vocal warm to prepare for a singing performance or to prepare for any kind of musical performance.
Discover how you can perform multiple rhythms at the same time using body percussion.
An Introduction to Conducting
Find out about the role of a conductor and how Sean conducts in time with the 'William Tell Overture' written by Gioachino Rossini.
Conducting the Schneewalzer (Snow Waltz)
Learn more about how the conductor works and how to count in time with a waltz called the 'Schneewalzer' by Thomas Koschat.
Have a go at playing rhythm patterns with Sean and find out how you can create your own!
Boom Chica Boom (Call and Response)
Call and response is a format used in music which involves someone performing a musical sentence and another person repeating back what was played. Have a go by responding to Sean whilst he sings and signs the song 'Boom Chica Boom'.
Body Percussion
Discover how you can make a range of interesting sounds using body percussion and how you can make your own piece of music.
Breathing Exercise / Warm Up 2
Here is another breathing exercise which can be useful to prepare for any music activity or simply to use as a warm up at the beginning of any music lesson.
Breath Control
This is a visual activity which helps to develop breath control and sustain musical notes or phrases using wind and brass instruments.
String Quartets
An introduction to string quartets presented by Sean Chandler.
Soul Music
Soul music presented by Sean Chandler including it's origins, what kind of musicians are involved and examples of well-known soul musicians.
Music Notation
Learn how to read and perform music notation using crotchets and quavers.
An Introduction to Dynamics
Find out how dynamics can be used in music to create a range of effects and moods.
Exploring Percussion
Join Danny Lane to find out what percussion is all about. Discover different examples of percussion instruments, find out where they are from and have a go at taking part in a body percussion activity.
Planet Earth Composition Project
This is a compilation of songs created by composer, Holly Marland, in collaboration with D/deaf children, as part of Music and the Deaf's West Yorkshire Music Programme. Taking care of our planet, was an important and inspiring topic for all the young people involved. Holly Marland visited our music groups and offered creative workshops, which invited them to compose their own songs. We are now pleased to present this resource and make it available for teachers to use in their own schools, using either singing or British Sign Language or both. Feel free to use this resource as inspiration to discuss why it is important to take care of our planet or to create your own songs yourselves! Consider using rhythmic vocal sounds, body percussion or any other instruments as an accompaniment. We hope you enjoy using these songs or creating your own as much as we did. We would like to thank the Hollyhock Charitable Foundation for their generous support as well as our partners including the local Music Education Hubs and schools who took part in this initiative. Thanks must also go to Paradigm Ltd and the musicians who worked with us to produce this recording.